// Videos realized by minors

The workshop of film-making is dedicated to the  Unaccompanied Refugee Minors within the Accoglierete program, with the mission to train and encourage these kids to use their smartphones as a new mean of expression and develop a deeper gaze.

During the 8 months of the workshop the young participants will be provided with creative tools in order to improve how to master the use of this innovative form of visual storytelling. An educational path that goes through the analysis of images produced by the same minors during the year and by the comparison of these images with sequences of movie history.

Using their smartphones and working in full freedom, the minors will tell their daily life, their stories, and the reflection of their integration experience.

Due to this real-time writing, kaleidoscope of pieces of life, moments and looks, the goal of the smartphone is transformed from a private gadget, often considered as depersonalized, to a tool enabling you to put yourself out there to tell and share a personal point of view.

// Documentary film

The workshop project will be narrated in a documentary film co-produced by various European partners and made from different materials including videos produced by the minors. At the end of Re-future project scheduled on December 2018, the documentary will be released through different platforms.


Director of many documentaries, who has participated in the most important international film festivals, he is currently teaching Documentary Cinematography at Milan University. He has created and led the project VEDOZERO, a smartphone filmmaking literacy project for teenagers developed in italian High Schools over the past five years.





To share in Italy and in Europe the experience of Accoglierete, a nonprofit organization operating in Sicily to promote the role of volunteer legal guardians for unaccompanied refugee minors.

Il workshop


To teach URMs assisted by Accoglierete in Sicily the art of storytelling through their smartphones camera.

La ricerca


The smartphone images produced by the URMs will be analyzed by a team of researchers focusing on the kids personal representation of reality as part of their integration path.

La disseminazione


A set of events, film-projections, conferences will be spread around Europe to disseminate the project results.