Activities and Results

WP 13 - Other dissemination activities: targeting schools, cultural events, institutional and academic level

Leader: International Telematic University UNINETTUNO

Cultural and academic dissemination

The dissemination will be organized at institutional and academic level by involving UNINETTUNO. Thanks to its relationships with the Universities of several Mediterranean and Arab World countries, UNINETTUNO’s staff will present the project results during seminars and conferences.
UNINETTUNO will disseminate the results of the research study across its academic network in the aim of getting it published on scientific journals and invitations to conferences and workshops, reaching an audience of social sciences experts

The aims of this activity are:

  • Participation to 2 conferences, at least, with presentation of the psychological-social research of WP7:
    • An academic/scientific event
    • A “public/cultural event” (seminar, workshop)
  • Via satellite broadcasting of the backstage video and of the feature film
  • Video streaming of the backstage video and of the feature film


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