Activities and Results

WP7 - Research study evaluating impacts of video production as integration and awareness raising tool

Leader: International Telematic University UNINETTUNO

Report analyzing the psycho-social impacts resulting from watching the film. UNINETTUNO will carry on a research work, a social analysis through two faculties: Psychology and Communication Sciences.


In month 3 the first activities related to the research study will begin and they will last up to month 18 to include all updates before the film preview and screening for different types of audience. UNINETTUNO researchers will take part in the preview of the videos and will carry on an analysis of their impact on a selected audience formed by UNINETTUNO’s psychology students that will act as a basis for a further assessment on the impact of the final video. So doing, the researchers will be able to identify the most appropriated methodologies to be used in assessing the impact and models of psycho-social change (values, feelings, empathy, flattering, implicit prejudice) linked to watching the video.


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