Activities and Results

WP5 - Video Literacy Workshop and shooting with refugee minors and local stakeholders

Leader: Dugong Srl

The objective is that of transforming the smartphones minors have always in their pockets in a sort of diary to be used inside and outside the reception center, in their relations with colleagues, classmates, tutors, teachers, sport coach and, finally, with anyone caring for their integration into the new Community process. All this will be supervised by a team of professionals in the sectors of cinema and communication capable of supplying them with the tools needed to master the use of a smartphone, which is today a true “gravity center” of the life of every youth, but which can play a major role for unaccompanied refugee minors, since it is the only tool that keeps them in contact with their homeland, with their relatives and with the past.


From month 4 to month 10 a workshop on visual literacy will be realized. Under the supervision of the art director and of his team, with the support of NGOs operators and of their tutors, the refugee minors will attend a seminars supplying them the basics of visual literacy and allowing them to try and express themselves through a video production of their own. The group of refugee minors and the art director will meet on a regular basis (every 3-4 weeks) in the following months and will work at the production of videos. The videos will be shown and selected by the staff and uploaded into the devoted web-based platform, according to a continuous process that will define the narrative structure and the plot of FUTURE project film.


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